Rhea shared with her that she was surprised as she believed that a mother/daughter partnership is a very good one

Rhea shared with her that she was surprised as she believed that a mother/daughter partnership is a very good one

She advised Lena about her boy hence she treasured your profoundly then again he’d fallen for a woman that proceeded to bring the woman from your and after which this lady spouse had been killed

Rhea had given Lena the design schematics for a [[|transmatter portal]]. Lena is thrilled at options and pros that such a tool might have throughout the world though she knew it was currently merely a theory. Rhea told her it was possible following unveiled that she failed to determine Lena each of the lady secrets towards concept as she desired to assess their interest before trusting the woman together with them. Lena shared with her that she had been extremely curious and Rhea decided to promote them. They went to have a bite with each other in which Rhea gave this lady a thumb drive because of the remaining pieces of the schematics when it comes to product. Rhea after that said that the woman mommy need to be quite proud of the girl but Lena shared with her that she and her mother cannot talk with one another anymore especially after their tries to frame the girl.

Lena was then went to by Rhea once more as she ended up being exceeding all the brand-new data when it comes to portal. Lena informed Rhea she had been organizing for security so that the lady gain access to the girl office but she merely recommended her thumbprint. She then moved the lady alien discovery product for Rhea to use and watched that she is an alien. Whenever Rhea asked why the product acted ways it performed, Lena terminated they before she informed Rhea that she have assessed their design and discovered which would need a component geek chat rooms that don’t can be found on Earth. She next disclosed that she understood that Rhea was actually an alien. Lena angrily shared with her that she wouldn’t develop everything on her behalf which she wanted this lady outside of the strengthening. Rhea subsequently leftover without another word. Subsequently in the evening, Lena ended up being visited by Rhea just who shared with her the reasons she lied about are an alien is because she was in fact aware of the woman mother’s reputation and couldn’t make certain that she was not in the same way. Lena spitefully informed her that many men automatically assume that she ended up being a specific way because she is a Luthor. Rhea then informed her that the woman proposal got genuine and she did wish work with the lady and hoped that Lena would reconsider. She subsequently teleported from this lady company to exit Lena to this lady feelings. She attempted to contact Kara on her behalf viewpoint but Kara told her it wasn’t a great time as she was at the middle of a crisis of her own.

After, Lena is labeled as by Kara and she requested if she had been ok. Kara informed her that every thing have proved good and Kara then questioned what Lena wished to discuss previously. Lena told her that she got in fact established that on her behalf very own. Lena subsequently looked over at Rhea, whom she have chose to assist regarding site most likely. Lena next expected if they were prepared to replace the industry which Rhea told her that she had been.[[|]]

Rhea’s betrayal

Lena later has meal with Kara, exactly who requires what features kept the woman so active. Lena says to their that she actually is working together with a unique spouse before leaving to accomplish their first examination in the portal. Afterwards, Lena and Rhea are at lunch discussing the were not successful earliest examination associated with site. Lena try let down but Lillian reassures Lena that she thinks in her own. Once more, her reports do not succeed and Lena recommends each goes have Lex because however be able to remedy it. Lena continues to be discouraged at the not enough advancement becoming generated and states she desired to obtain it trying to convince people, and by herself that she ended up being equally as good as Lex. Rhea reassures Lena that the woman is smart and assures the girl that she will be able to do it and gives this lady suggestions about getting they to focus.