The COVID-19 pandemic has hit various parts of the world. Indonesia, being a large nation that inhabits land and oceans, it can be ascertained that there are many problems, needs and challenges facing country, especially in the field of animal health and its production. Some can overcome in the short term, but many of the problems, obstacles and new needs will be resolved at a later.This event aims to motivate students to deliver their aspirations and idea of current global scientific issues, encourage students to create scientific innovations and changes to solve environmental issues nearby through scientific project abstract writing and facilitate students to experience and involved in both national and international scientific forum through scientific writing competition

Conference Speaker

Associate Professor Chiara Palmieri, DVM., Ph.D

Associate Professor Chiara Palmieri, DVM., Ph.D

Environmental Cancer Prevention in Companion Animals and Human

School of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty of Science
The University of Queensland - Australia

Professor Malcolm Jones, B.Sc. Hons., Ph.D

Professor Malcolm Jones, B.Sc. Hons., Ph.D

One Health Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

School of Veterinary Science
Faculty of Science
The University of Queensland - Australia

Widi Nugroho, DVM., Ph.D

Widi Nugroho, DVM., Ph.D

Innovations Opportunity in Livestock Medicine in Developing Countries : Indonesia Perspective

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Universitas Brawijaya - Indonesia

Paper Competition

The Requirements and procedures for submission are as follows
  • Participants must follow the rules issued and formally prepared by the International Conference on Animal Science and Veterinary Science Paper Competition Committee.
  • The Participants are student from Veterinary Medicine, Animal science, DVM Program, Fisheries and Marine Science, all universities in Indonesia and Worldwide.
  • Students are required to upload a valid Student Identity Card
  • University can send more than 1 (one) team and each team only sends 1 (one) paper.
  • Each group consists of 3-5 students
  • Member in one team can be multidisciplinary in the same university or across universities
  • Each group appoints one participant to be the group leader.
  • All members are written in fullname
  • The number of pages allowed for each proposal is a maximum 15 pages (CHAPTER I to CHAPTER III), excluding attachments and bibliography
  •  The maximum file size is 5 MB
  • The file is then uploaded to the website
  • The committee has right to cancel the participation / winnings of participants if fraud and plagiarism is found


  • October 5th 2020

    Submission Deadline

  • October 6th 2020

    Paper Selection

  • October 8th 2020

    Announcement of Paper Selected

  • October 15th 2020

    Conference and Paper Competition


  • 1st Best Paper
  • 2nd Best Paper
  • 3rd Best Paper
  • Favorite
  • 200 USD
  • 150 USD
  • 100 USD
  • 50 USD




Bank Account

BNI – Rektor Universitas Brawijaya




  • Time
  • 08.00 – 08.10
  • 08.15 – 09.45
  • 09.50 – 11.50
  • 12.05 – 12.15
  • 12.15 – 12.20
  • Activity
  • Opening
  • Conference
  • Paper Competition
  • Announcement of Paper Competition
  • Closing